God of Sorcery, Strength, Conquest, and the Sun
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Titles: The Dawnstar, the Conquering Sun, Godking, Firelord
Portfolios: Sorcery, rulership, conquest, domination, royal bloodlines, magic
Domains: Magic, Domination, Pride, Strength, Sun, Fire, Glory
Favored weapon: Spear

One of the most powerful gods, Adremmelach is the Sovereign of the Sky, and declares everything that the sun touches to be under his rule. Few would contest this, as he is the original ruler of magic, and his pride brooks no opposition. Adremmelach is responsible for the Gift of sorcery to humanity, and Adremmelach’s first Priest-Magi were both protectors and rulers of the beginnings of the Solar Empire.

Adremmelach’s prime edict is that the strong are meant to rule the weak. Benevolence or sadism matter not, only that the weak are ruled by their betters. Thus, those blessed with sorcery (through Adremmelach) are destined to rule humanity, for what is stronger than magic?

Adremmelach’s followers vary greatly in their moral outlook, but all are concerned with maintaining order. Often this comes at the expense of freedom, but those regions ruled by firm servants of Adremmelach are undeniably safer and more civilized than anywhere else.


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