The Castigation

The Emperor of the Solar Empire witnessed the destruction of the island fortress of Midpoint (and at least 10 000 soldiers and citizens on it) by the great wyrm Tephras. Such a sight pushed the Emperor to an ill-advised action; he used the greatest of his magics to demand an explanation from Adremmelach himself. A herald of the god answered, a golden angel with six burning wings formed of the runes of creation.

“How dare you allow such a thing to happen? How dare you let that serpent destroy my subjects? I demand that you obliterate the dragon and restore the island. I am the master of the greatest power in the world! I demand you obey!”

The angel stared silently, wings rippling gently. Then with an air splitting crack, its wings unfurled fully. The rush of air smashed everyone in the room to sprawl upon the ground, cowering and covering their eyes as the angel blazed with light. The very stones bleached and warped from the sheer force, and the angel walked forward.

“You dare make demands of me? You, who have squandered the greatest of my Father’s gifts? You have the strength to crush any who would deny your right to rule, and instead you make DEMANDS? I speak with the voice of the Unconquered Sun. Pay heed.”

The angel’s next words emerged from every church of Adremmelach across the land, even as they erupted with burning golden light.

“My Father looks down upon you, and finds you wanting. You have become indolent and fat, content to rest upon the glory of conquests past. You insult his blood, that through which magic flows through you. You have brought this destruction upon yourself, and you must make amends if you are to receive the blessing of Adremmelach! Go forth, defeat those who would oppose you. Reach new heights of magic, of power. Prove yourself worthy of the blood of magic, or you will be emptied of it!”

The few present with the strength to look up from the ground saw the angel seize the Emperor by the hand. “As for you, ‘Emperor’, your hubris will not go unanswered. You will endure this punishment until one worthy enough to pronounce judgement upon you arises.” And with another flash of terrible fire, the Emperor’s flesh was burned into glass. Frozen in terror, a statue in royal robes stood at the base of the throne.

The Castigation

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