“Why do you persist, fair knight? This city is mine. Your gates have been shattered, your companions have fallen, and every defender that dies is yet another soldier in my army. Will you not simply surrender to inevitability?”

Themis decapitated the ghoul in front of her, then swiftly spun around to impale the vampire spawn lurking behind her. With an outpouring of will, she engulfed the foul creature in golden flames. She glared at the vampire lord while the spawn wailed and was consumed by the fire.


The vampire lord sighed, and soared through the air. Gesturing to his minions, they formed a loose circle around the paladin of Adremmelach. He drew his ebony axe and circled Themis, grinning as he stalked the battered knight.

“Your resolve is admirable, in fact I find it delicious. But this is over despite your best efforts.” The vampire raised his cruel blade in a mocking salute. “What more can you do?”

Themis drew in a deep breath,, and pointed her sword at the undead general.

“My duty.” And blazing sunlight erupted from Themis. The vampire quailed, his skin already smoking as she stepped forward and brought her blade down.


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