Now, if I recall, the Apocrypha of Alwyn the Mad stated that the Despoiler of Ages would emerge from its tomb the seventh rising of the seventh sun. Which, according to my study of these ancient calenders, is, well, right now.

Oh dear. Better draw your sword, Gwyneryr. You’re about to earn some extra pay

Divine scholars extraordinaire, archivists are adventuring priests focused on the acquisition and protection of knowledge, often of the dangerous type. Unlike a cleric, an archivist is not empowered by divine inspiration, instead their approach to magic is much closer to that of a wizard. They are also able to use their collections of forbidden knowledge as a weapon, guiding allies to strike at a creature’s weaknesses.

There are archivists dedicated to all gods, though Thelesis and Anael are the most common. Elves are the only race for which this path is exceedingly rare.


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