A brief discussion on the different most well-known types of magic

Imagine magic as opening a locked door.

Sorcery? Sorcery is having the key. You put the key into the lock, turn it, and the door opens. You don’t know how it works, or why, just that the key opens the door, every time, and that you belong there. No props, no ancient writings, just the power of your blood and soul.

Wizardry does not have the key. Wizardry is understanding how the tumblers of the lock work, how much pressure to exert, when to turn the deadbolt. A wizard opens the door through comprehension. Of course, if you’re picking the lock, it’s probably not your house…

Psionics is convincing the universe that you actually are on the other side of the door already, and forcing it to adjust itself accordingly through sheer force of will.


Artaith Curious_puzzle